Wednesday, April 01, 2020
  • Event Recorder (EDR)
  • Available Soon - (DVR)

EDR (Event Data Recorder) Car Security Camera System

icon_edrOur EDR has been specifically designed to capture short relevant events in & around your vehicle and operates as a car camera security system. The recommended system includes 4 small B/W car cameras, 1 microphone, and a SanDisk 2 Gigabyte SD card.

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DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Car Camera Recorder

Through a strategic partnership we are working on a combined system. This device will act as a DVR while driving and an our EDR when parked. Giving you complete protection 24 / 7. We are looking forward to introducing it soon. It includes live GPS tracking, automatic video transfer to a server and more. Eta 2014


Car Cameras | Mobile Watchman™

New DVR systems with wireless access, GPS, and fleet management solutions will be available soon.

OBS, Inc. provides two distinctly different car camera systems to meet your needs:

Our Event Data Recorder (EDR) has been specifically designed to capture short relevant events in & around your vehicle both when in use & primarily when not in use. Operating as a car camera security system.

Our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is currently being upgraded and is not available. It was specifically designed to capture full motion video in & around your vehicle only while you are driving and your vehicle is in operation.

The OBS Inc., patented Mobile Watchman™ Event Data Recorder (EDR) system is a one-of-a-kind car camera security device that uses sensors to detect and record events in and around your car, when you're not there. Events are captured using microphones to record audio and 4 tiny cameras hidden within your vehicle to record video. Mobile Watchman™ EDR also uses its built in computing system to monitor your car battery to provide the best security possible without draining you car battery.

The OBS Inc., Mobile Watchman™ Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system is currently unavailable but was specifically designed to monitor events in and around your vehicle when in use. Our 4 Camera Mobile DVR was designed for continuous recording. This hard drive based recording system is for those applications where it is necessary to record while the vehicle is in operation.

Here’s a quick overview of our systems:

  • Discourages and may eliminate criminal activity to your personal property
  • Watches your teenager when you cannot
  • Monitors vehicle activities in and around your vehicle when active
  • Increased safety for you and your passengers
  • Records collisions to evaluate other drivers liability
  • Protects you against inflated or fraudulent claims, staged accidents, and faked injuries
  • Useful with the investigation of vehicle collisions, acts of violence and other incidents
  • Recorded content can be used in a court environment
  • Supplements or operates independently of existing security systems
  • Reduction of liability losses

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