Friday, June 05, 2020

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 3--While the whole world anticipated the outcome of the most publicized, most criticized and most entertaining U.S. presidential election in history, the automotive staff of POPULAR MECHANICS magazine and the PM.Zone Web site was busy stomping shoe leather on one brightly colored synthetic carpet after another yesterday, as the editors covered miles upon aisles of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) here in Glitter Gulch.

Made up primarily of the glitzy Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show and the professional tools and equipment Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) show (both open only to the trades for business-to-business wheelin' and dealin' in two separate convention centers), they collectively represent about $280 billion of U.S. economy. And they get bigger every year.

To help whittle down the flim from the flam--and because you can't attend these shows--we present the POPULAR MECHANICS Editor's Choice Awards for some of the most innovative new products on the market. Also, check out our coverage of General Motors's SEMA contingent from earlier in the week.

Another trend we're noticing here in parts and accessories is a ton of security products permeating the industry. PM automotive editor Don Chaikin cites things like multiple mini cameras and microphones to nab car-jacking or theft perpetrators, and devices for recording vehicle dynamics data before, during and after a collision. Seems like too much Big Brother for us, but if that's what consumers want that's what they'll get.

Editors Choice Popular Mechanics
Left to right: Bill Congdon, Publisher POPULAR MECHANICS; Drew Warot, Managing Partner OBS; Brian Singer, President and Chief Executive Officer OBS; Jim Meigs, Editor-In-Chief, POPULAR MECHANICS.

Mobile Watchman™ EDR Digital Audio/Video Recording Security System
On Board Systems (OBS)
Denver, CO

Mobile Watchman™ EDR's four cameras, plus microphones, record and save to a Secure Digital memory card up to 2 minutes of images and sound prior to and after a trigger event, such as a collision or the application of a panic button, alarm system or motion sensor.

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