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Car EDR Event Data Recorder

The OBS Inc., patented Mobile Watchman™ EDR system is a one-of-a-kind car camera recording device that uses sensors to detect and record events in and around your car, even when you're not there. Events are captured using microphones to record audio and 4 tiny cameras hidden within your vehicle to record video. Mobile Watchman also uses its built in computing system to monitor temperature as well as your car battery to provide the best security possible without draining you car battery.

It is a covert car video recorder that actually protects.

Ask yourself some questions and see if our system is right for you:

  • Has your car ever been vandalized?
  • Have you ever had your car broken into?
  • Have you ever returned from shopping to find a new dent in your bumper?
  • Are there any new scratches on your doors?
  • Ever felt violated when you return to your vehicle, only to find there was no note left on the window?
  • Has anyone ever cut you off while driving and you wish you would have gotten a video of it?
  • Has anyone ever said anything or done anything to you while you were driving and you wanted a recording of what happened?

  • Have you ever been in a car accident and needed evidence of the incident?

Would you like to have the incident recorded? Mobile Watchman™ EDR is designed to provide security for your car, and, most importantly your family. A quick glance at the numbers and it becomes clear why Mobile Watchman is a necessary tool in auto security.

• In 2004 Denver metro-area police departments filed more than 60,000 reports of theft from vehicles and car vandalism

• Investigators with the Denver Police estimate more than half of auto vandalism and break-in thefts go unreported

• Vandalism and car break-in cases are hard to prosecute due to lack of witnesses and evidence

Mobile Watchman can also be a valuable tool for parents to monitor how their son or daughter acts behind the wheel.

• Colorado State Patrol reports 77 teen driving deaths in 2004

• State legislators passed laws in 2005 designed to make the roads safer for teenage drivers

• Teens more likely to be safe drivers if they know their actions are being videotaped

Mobile Watchman offers several other features that sets it apart from other auto-security systems.

• Many insurance companies offer rate discounts for individuals with auto security systems

• Because Mobile Watchman records events from vandalism, to accidents, the recordings can be used to settle insurance claims and protect your rates if you're not at fault in an accident

• Digital media is easy to remove and replace

• Installation is affordable and as easy as installing a new radio or alarm system

In short, Mobile Watchman is 4 cameras - always recording in and around your vehicle. When something happens to your car, you don't even have to be there to have the system record video and audio of what took place. When you get back to your vehicle the images are stored on a removable Secure Digital card, exactly like the ones in many digital cameras.Mobile Watchman is not like anything else. This security system protects your vehicle by recording audio and video of what happened to your vehicle while you were away, as you leave your vehicle and who enters it. Nothing else can do that. DVR's, Mobile Video Recorders, and other In-Car video surveillance systems turn off when your car does, otherwise you will come back to find a dead car battery. A "do it yourself system" will also have this limitation. Our system is constantly providing surveillance while monitoring the status of your battery, temperature, car states and more to insure your vehicle is always protected. Specifically designed for the hostile environment inside your vehicle.Mobile Watchman uses cameras and microphones to record before and after an event onto a removable Secure Digital (SD) card. The 12volt in-car surveillance system will document and can record accidents, break-ins, motion, audio, video and more. Surveillance for your vehicle whether or not it is running, 24/7 from multiple inconspicuous in car cameras and microphones.

The car cameras and microphones are triggered by and can integrate with any number of devices including:

  • Your Car Alarm - Most valuable to you could be the integration with your in-car alarm. Now when your car alarm goes off you know why and have video surveillance to prove it. Most car alarms include many of these sensors. Our system can integrate with or run independently of your aftermarket car alarm

  • Seperate Motion Detector or Field Disturbance Sensor - Generates an invisible detection field around your vehicle. Great for convertibles, trucks or any car to detect vandalism or other motion outside your vehicle

  • Push Button - The system comes standard with an external push button so you can trigger the system at any time

  • Audio Sensor (Glass Breakage) - An Audio Sensor instantly detects attempts to tamper with or break your vehicle's glass

  • Closed Loop Sensor - If you ever use a bike or ski rack, or tow a trailer, boat or jet ski, then a Closed Loop Sensor is for you! It's designed to hook up to our system and trigger whenever it's disconnected

  • Additional Impact Sensors - In addition to the built in impact sensor you can add an additional external sensor. Trigger either on light impact or trigger the alarm on hard impact

  • Mercury Tilt - A Mercury Tilt Switch protects entry points where conventional pin switches won't work. Great for hoods, trunks, hatches and motorcycles

  • Magnetic Switch - A Magnetic Switch would be Ideal for sliding glass windows on pick-ups, hoods, trunks, sliding doors, etc.

  • Backup Camera - Using our cameras or your own backup camera our system can have one camera always on your video screen

  • Back Seat Camera - Using our cameras or your own in-car camera our system can show what is going on in the back seat. Children can be monitored and recorded

  • Police Vehicles - Using our cameras or your own police camera, our system can integrate and record when vehicles are not running without fear of draining the battery and being unable to start when you return

  • Delivery Vehicles - Cameras can record when packages or items are removed from vehicles



• Records and saves up to 30 seconds of images, capturing before and after a triggered event
• Records images for high speed capture
• Captures up to 10 images per second
• Integrates with most current camera/monitor systems
• Mobile Watchman™ EDR’s outer housing and connections fit into a confined, concealed space inside the dashboard
• Up to 4 cameras can be recording at one time
• Cameras not easily detectable to naked eye
• Images easily retrieved from a Secure Digital card
• Digital signature & time stamp applied to each image for integrity verification
• RCA video output for testing and monitoring
• Patented technology
• Discrete, private, and versatile!

Records the frames immediately before an incident is detected. It works by buffering captured video immediately before an incident occurs, and saves the images when a trigger is sensed.

The Mobile Watchman™ EDR system is designed to operate for an average of two weeks without starting your vehicle.

Cameras can be placed inconspicuously throughout the vehicle

Device is triggered by an impact sensor, collisions, panic button, alarm systems, motion detectors and more.

Upon trigger, our recommended setting is to record 10 seconds before an event and 15 seconds after an event. We do not recommend changing this though it is able to be adjusted in the software settings.

A 2 Gigabyte SD card (included) stores an average of 600 events before overwriting the oldest event.

Our SD cards are also USB cards which means you do not need a SD card reader to view your events. Just flip open the card and plug it into your USB slot.

A typical camera installation covers all angles of the vehicle, including events that occur both in front of and behind the vehicle using four cameras.

Some actual images from installed systems. These cameras are positioned from within the vehicle. Image detail and angle of view vary depending on your camera choice.

This first image is from a front mounted color camera on a snowy day. Camera is installed inside the rear view mirror.


This second image is captured from a rear facing color camera during the same event as above.

Car Camera Surveillance

Color cameras - used for daytime needs
(not recommended for night - available on request only)

Video Car Camera

Image taken at night

Car Camera Black

Mobile WatchmanTM Complete Security System

The Mobile WatchmanTM complete system includes 4 small B/W basic car cameras, 1 microphone, as well as a SanDisk 2 Gigabyte SD card with a backup SanDisk SD card of 1 Gigabyte.

We recommend installing a motion detector or integrating with one already in your vehicle for optimum performance.

4 Black & White Cameras bwvid-401

Car Security Camera Car Camera

The Mobile WatchmanTM System

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Videos from the EDR System - Compressed for internet viewing

  • icon Event Video 198
  • icon Event Video 386
  • icon Event Video 474
  • icon Event Video 374
  • icon Event Video 998
  • icon Event Video 402
  • icon Event Video 476
  • icon Event Video 999

Exiting the vehicle sets off the motion detector / proximity sensor


As individual looks into the vehicle the motion detector / proximity sensor is activated.


Exiting the vehicle sets off the motion detector / proximity sensor.


This event shows how the system operates in low light in a parking garage. Additionally we set off the motion detector / proximity sensor.


Returning to the vehicle. This event illustrates how the system records before and after an event. In this case the event is the motion detector / proximity sensor.


Exiting the vehicle sets off the motion detector / proximity sensor.


This event shows how the system operates in very low light at night. The motion detector / proximity sensor was set off by a vehicle passing too close.


This event was caused by the use of the push button. Whenever something happens that the user would like to record, the push button can be used to record before and after the push of the button.


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