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Car Chip Pro

With the CarChip plugged into your OBDII Port, every trip you make is recorded. The information it records includes: time and date for each trip, distance, speed, hard accelerations and braking, and engine diagnostic trouble codes. In addition, you can pi
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The CarChip Pro is like a tiny "black box" or data logger for your car.

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Driving & Engine Performance Monitor
Installation is easy: plug it in, drive vehicle, download information.

  • Know how you car is being driven
  • Track speeds, hard stops, overall vehicle performance.
  • Set audible alarms that can act as 'reminders' for excessive events.

The CarChip Pro is an all-in-one engine performance and driving monitor. About the size of a key fob, it's a great way to keep track of your vehicle, and your or others' driving.

CAr Chip Computer Software CarChip Report

Ideal For...

  • Parents with Teen Drivers
  • Fleet Managers
  • Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Professional Mechanics
  • Cost-Conscious Consumers
  • Time-Pressured Commuters
  • Environmentally-Aware Drivers


  • Up to 300 hours of trip details (newest data records over oldest)
  • Complete trip details including time/date, distance traveled, speed (1- or 5-second intervals)
  • Provides individual graphs and summary reports
  • Records/shows extreme acceleration/braking
  • Allows user-set thresholds for audible alarms, speed, acceleration, and braking (post-drive reports/graphs show when, for how long, and number of times thresholds were exceeded)
  • Automatic accident log with last 20 seconds speed data before impact
  • Assign trips as business/commute/personal
  • Calculate gas mileage
  • View/Reset engine diagnostic trouble codes (check-engine light)
  • Test for preliminary emissions status
  • Software (included) lets you review/clear diagnostic codes, view summaries/detail reports, and copy data to spreadsheets for further analysis
  • Up to 4 out of 23 possible engine parameters, recorded every 5 to 60 seconds. Choose from:
  • RPM

    Battery Voltage

    Throttle Position

    Timing Advance

    Engine Load

    Coolant Temperature

    Fuel Pressure

    Air Flow Rate

    Fuel System Status

    Intake Air Temperature

    Short-term Fuel Trim

    Intake Manifold Pressure

    Long-term Fuel Trim

    Oxygen Sensor Output Voltage

    One Year Warranty


  • Includes the CarChip Pro data logger.
  • Software on CD.
  • USB download cable and power adapter.

The software requires Windows 95 or above, at least 5MB free hard disk space, and one free USB port.

How It Works:

The CarChip plugs into the OBDII connector in your car, and continuously collects and stores data from the car's computer control systems. Later, you use the cable and power adapter to download the information to your PC.

InstallEasy Plug-and-Go Installation:

  1. Locate your car's OBDII connector. It's found in the passenger compartment of all cars sold today, model -year 1996 or later, no more than three feet from the driver's seat.
  2. Plug the data logger in. A gentle push is all it takes.
  3. 1Start driving. That's all there is to it! The data logger will start collecting data as soon as you start driving.
  4. Install the software, connect the CarChip and download the data to your PC.

Find the OBDII Connector in Your Car
Not sure where the OBDII connector is in your car? Check the interactive database maintained by the National OBD Clearing House at Weber State University. Will not work on Diesel cars or trucks.

Vehicle Conflicts and Exclusions
Before installing CarChip, be sure to review the list of CarChip Vehicle Conflicts and Exclusions.

Car Chip Installed


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